Enterprise Resource Planning

SASinfotec provides business software, services and support to small and medium sized businesses. Whilst our heritage is in the small business market we also have the experience and expertise to meet the needs of specific industries and larger organizations. SASinfotec believe in developing and maintaining long term relationships with a view of acting as technology partners. We keep your business environment up-to-date and provide customizable services. Our high quality services and unique blend of strategy, latest technologies and quality implementation help us in gaining our end customer's confidence. SASinfotec provide impeccable services to clients require people who probe their business, understand it, and interpret it for the global web environment.


  • Define and Measure the Performance
  • Consolidate the Interface and Information
  • Define the Entities
  • Redefine Alternatives
  • Model the Process
  • Specify the Deployment of the Structure
  • Identify the Activates
  • Process Flow for the Payment
  • Extend the Process Model
  • Identify the Value Adding Activities
  • Map-Organization
  • Benchmark the Performance
  • Map-Resources
  • Estimate the Purity
  • Prioritize the Process
  • Define Sub Division
  • Process the Linkages


  • Automation of Internal Activities of Office
  • Budget Preparation
  • Single Entry Receipt Module
  • Accrual Base
  • Employee Advances
  • Inward / Outward
  • Loans
  • Work Distribution
  • Investments
  • Preparation of Audit Report
  • Deposits
  • Pension papers preparation and its record keeping
  • Payment

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