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Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that combines link building, meta tag manipulation and keyword inclusion in text. Apart from the usual keyword analysis, link building involves exchange of links within and outside the website thus, increasing the popularity of the website.

Link building can be of two classified forms :

  •  Inbound linking: Building of links within the website i.e. inclusions of various links on different pages irrespective of relevancy. These types of links are also, known as Reciprocal links.
  •  Outbound linking: At times, in order to increase the popularity of the website under the circumstances of mutual understanding websites exchange links thus, leading to higher ranks in the search engines. This exchange of links can also be done on the payment basis. This exchange of links with other sites is often known as Outbound linking.

Our aim at SASinfotec is to get the highest possible rankings in the leading search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, Alta vista and others. In our attempt we take up every possible option like link building and content reforming in order, to deliver the desired results.

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